5 Types Of Jewelry Every Married Woman Should Wear

Marriage is life-altering even in a woman’s life. Every girl has dreams about their wedding gown and jewellery that they will get to adorn after marriage. We all have heard about sixteen bridal ornaments popularly known as “solah shringar.” These are sixteen pieces of jewellery that an Indian woman wears on her wedding day. However, in this modern age, a woman does not simply comply with such norms and decide what jewellery they want to go for. A mangalsutra is, however, a mark of the connection between two that is a mandatory requirement. Here are five types of jewellery every married woman should wear.

A Complete Bridal Set

A woman gets a bridal feeling after adorning a bridal set that consists of a necklace and heavy traditional earrings. This is the most basic and essential piece of jewellery in a married woman’s accessory stash. One can not simply get enough of how graceful and royalistic a Rani Haar looks. Moreover, this piece of jewellery will be forever captured in your wedding album. So, better focus on getting one that goes well with your wedding look.


A mangalsutra signifies that you are on a loving bond with your husband. Without this piece, a marriage can not be complete. You do not have to go for the traditional heavy mangalsutra with a gold pendant. Nowadays, sleek and straightforward diamond designs are a hit among millennial women. They are easy to wear but do not look out of place in western attire, unlike traditional mangalsutras.

Nose Ring

You may think otherwise, but a nose ring adds more beauty and grace to your look. They come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from small everyday wear silver or diamond nose rings to heavy and round gold naths. Of course, one can not have enough pairs of nose rings; you can also buy oxidized nose rings or colourful ones to compliment your everyday looks after marriage. However, for your wedding day, go for an elegant nose ring to steal all hearts.


A bridal look is never complete without bangles. Gone are the days of simply green or red bangles. Now you can choose from pastel colours to diamond bangles for a more modern look. Moreover, you do not need to wear multiple bangles these days. A good-looking pair is just fine for everyday use. But for your wedding day, you will need to go over the top to look like an Indian princess.


Anklet or more commonly known as Payal, one can never get enough of this piece of jewellery. These are made up of silver with intricate designs and embellishments such as beads and bells. A payal makes a home lighten up with the ringing sound of the new bride’s footsteps as it signifies Goddess Lakshmi’s entry. So choose a heavy one for formal events and a lightweight one for everyday wear.


Marriage is a beautiful dream that every woman wishes for in her life. And what is a wedding without jewellery! So go and shop for these five must-have ornaments for yourself as a new bride.

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