7 Criteria For Comparing Ecommerce Site Builders Like A Pro!

With website builders, creating an online store or ecommerce site doesn’t have to be complicated. While most of these site builders have a charge for ecommerce services, you can still save huge money that’s otherwise spent on hiring an experienced web developer. With the best website builders, you can build a completely customized portal, with all the features you need, such as email subscriptions, cart recovery, contact forms and so on. Of course, not all site builders are same, which is why we recommend that you check these 7 criteria for easy comparison.

  • Function. A regular website builder doesn’t need as many features as an ecommerce site builder. You will have to be sure that the platform is functional, because it would involve regular and frequent transactions. You also need to monitor your website’s performance and sales, and a good site builder should enable all of that.
  • Interface. No matter how small or big your website is, you should be able to control the entire look and range of products on offer. Make sure that the site builder is easy to use and has an interface that doesn’t require extreme brainstorming.
  • Design and templates. Most website builders have at least a few free themes and templates, but check their overall range. If you are looking for most options, Shopify is the one to consider, and you can also think of Wix and Weebly.
  • Tech support. Even the best site builders do have inherent issues or you may end up making a mistake that doesn’t seem to correct. In such cases, you will need tech support, and customer assistance is an aspect you cannot afford to ignore.

  • A good website builder should be flexible and must allow you to change and redesign the website. You want to be in charge of the entire ecommerce site, even if that means paying a tad more for certain features.
  • Some platforms like Weebly are cheaper than Shopify, but make sure that you can afford your choice. Shopify, for instance, charges a tad higher than others, but offers a complete app store that can power most ecommerce sites.
  • Marketing. Check if the site builder offers assistance for SEO, social media integration and online marketing. Also, check if the website is mobile ready from the start. SEO and online marketing tools can be paid with some builders.

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