Basic Supplies For Your New Cat Or Kitten!

Having a cat is like having a furry friend who is fun, loving, playful and a lot lazy. When you bring home a cat, you aren’t just bringing a new friend, but also having a life that is dependent on you. Learning to take care of your new pet, adoring their habits and connecting with them might take some time. But there are some basic cat accessories and essentials that need to be addressed as soon as the pet is home.

Indoor cats have their own needs when it comes to food, shelter, cat toys etc. And while you are still learning what your pet wants, here is a list of basic supplies for your new home partner!

Collar ID, Tag and Chip!

Safety is always the first concern with indoor pets. The pets too are going through a lot of changes and living “your kind” of lifestyle. Right when they are home, the tendency of them getting lost or running away is high. To safeguard their life; it’s crucial to get a collar ID with the pet’s and the owner’s details written on it. The tag and chip will enable locating the pet anytime they go out of sight.

Carriers and crates

To carry your pet around and keep them well ventilated when traveling outside, the carriers are the best bet. These are sturdy cases which are designed to let the pet in and carry them wherever you want. For the new pets, it is a need to keep them in carrier for a few days until they become accustomed with the environment. One can invest in cardboard carriers, soft carriers or sturdy crates depending on the need. It is always safe to know the ventilation, size and protection that the carrier provides.

Cat beds

As cats need sleep for more than 16 hours a day, comfort is essential. A cat bed should be fluffy, lightweight, cooling and utterly comfortable. It should suit the size of the cat and be of material that the cats can destroy easily with their nails or teeth.

Litter box

Cats poop in the litter box and clean it on their own. Having one of an apt size is a need.

Food and water

Having two separate bowls for your cat is important. These should be well designed to suit the cat’s eating habits. Buy a food bowl and a water bowl to keep together for the meal time.

Get the pet essentials right when you get a pet home. The basic supplies help the pet to feel at home from the beginning!

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