Choosing the Right Pole Dancing Clothes

If you are going to take up pole dancing classes, you will want to know what clothes will be best for it. Different from the other forms of dancing, pole dancing requires you to hold the pole, which means you need to wear minimum clothing. With a fully clothed body, you will not be able to grip the pole properly. Therefore, you need proper and decent clothes that serve the purpose.

The Essentials

There are certain essential clothes to be worn while pole dancing. At the same time, you must not feel too bare or uncomfortable. You will need leggings and trainers to warm up before you start the actual dance routine. Moreover, you need to buy very good quality pole dancing clothes so that you are not conscious of your appearance. When looking for the best pole dancing clothes in Australia, check out Luna Lae.

Different Pole Dancing Clothes

Leggings and Trainers

Wearing slightly long trainers or leggings for initial warm up is okay, but you will have to get into your shorts for the actual pole dancing. Therefore, you can look for the best quality trainers and leggings for your warming-up sessions at Luna Lae before you pick up other garments.


Shorts are a necessity if you wish to pole dance. As you have to grip the pole with your legs, you need to wear shorts. Anything longer will make you slip. You can choose yoga shorts or booty shorts as your pole dancing clothing. However, you must ensure that they are tight yet give you enough room to move about easily. The material of the shorts should not restrict your movements. You can also choose hot pants without any leg or waistband or other seams.

Sports Bra

As pole dancing is about gripping the pole with the skin, you cannot wear a T-shirt. It is best to choose a good quality sports bra that does not restrict you from using your stomach. However, if you are nervous of wearing only a bra, you can wear a small top initially.


While most pole dancers wear shoes while dancing, you can choose to do it barefoot. However, by wearing nice heels you have a correct posture while they add to your appearance. You can easily spin on your heels and get the best dance moves.

To sum it up; you need good quality pole dancing clothes that are comfortable, fit well, stretch, and provide you support so that you can dance without worrying about your attire. You must remember that pole dancing clothes must not be too loose as this increases the chances of slipping and wrapping with the pole. Moreover, they should snug well to your body, so that you do not feel naked.

If you are looking for the best pole dancing clothes in Australia, you can choose Luna Lae. It is one of the premier clothing brands designing clothes especially for pole dancers. Check out the collection online and get great deals on your purchases.

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