Four Things to Keep in Mind when Buying an Outdoor Misting System

If you are in the market for an outdoor misting system, you must understand that all of these systems are equal. Thus, before investing in a mist system, you must ensure it’s built to serve its purpose. For instance, a system that is designed for indoors is most certainly not an ideal choice if you want to install it outdoors.

An indoor misting system is not designed to stand up against extreme outdoor conditions. Using an indoor misting system in the outdoors can make it prematurely breakdown. You can avoid this by choosing the appropriate system for your purpose. When buying an outdoor misting system, there are factors you need to take into consideration.

These include:

Enclosure Quality

You must look for an enclosure system designed with aircraft-grade aluminum. This heavy-grade and high-strength aluminum doesn’t get damaged easily.

Pump Quality

The right pump to look for should be rated to be placed outside. Keep in mind that the pump plays an important role in the outdoor mist system and a malfunctioning pump will not make the system generate mist through a mid or high-pressure misting system. Also, the pump must be UV- and high-pressure rated to make sure it does not crack or burst because of hot temperature and high water pressure.

Durability of the Components

Because you will install the system outside, you must look for one that has components that are resistant to rust and corrosion because of weather changes and heavy rainfall. Make sure the parts such as the frame, side panels, and corners are rust-proof and corrosion-resistant. Do not purchase a high pressure misting system diy that has steel enclosures because it rusts fast and is difficult to open after 2-3 seasons.

Tubing Material

The majority of misting system companies offer brass or copper tubing. Unfortunately, this type of tubing can rust easily. A good outdoor misting system has tubing that is plated with nickel and made from stainless steel or flexible nylon. These high-quality materials are rust-resistant, thus, can be kept outside. Also, you will want to find UV- and high-pressure-rated tubing to makes sure it doesn’t crack in hot temperatures.

This kind of pumps and tubing is not usually available at home depot stores. But, you can easily order them online after you do your research. Just ensure you choose a company that can offer you a high-quality and feature-rich mist system that is designed for outdoor settings and applications.

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