Gifts at Work – Guidelines to Select the Appropriate Gift for Workplace

In many workplaces, co-workers exchange gifts during festive season. A wrong gift might reflect an offensive, romantic or personal message. Also, if the recipient does not give a gift in return, he might feel uncomfortable. In this article, you will learn there are certain gifts that might be misinterpreted and could be regarded negatively.

You must not purchase the items that are considered inappropriate and sexual in nature. This includes gifts like adult artwork, books, toys and pornography. Anything that depicts nudity is unsuitable for workplace. Gifting items that are offensive to any race, group, culture, women or individuals with disabilities is a no for workplace gifts. This includes list of artwork, cards, publications, caricatures and other items that are interpreted as discriminatory or stereotyping.

For good gift ideas, you could visit Délices Erable & cie. Religious and politically oriented gifts are a big no for the co-workers.  A particular book or a gift or any religious item might offend anyone in the office. If someone has asked for a specific gift, make sure that it is wrapped properly and give it in private.

Avoid personal care products

Personal care products including grooming items and sundries are bit personal to gift, especially to the opposite sex. You must think twice before gifting toothbrushes, perfumes, shaving sundries, hairbrushes and even skin care products to the co-workers. Hand lotion is a wonderful item to gift someone. However, if you are gifting it to a person with allergies, it cannot be used by the user.

If you are planning to gift jewelry, try to give something that is casual and small in size. Also, try to give it to a member of same sex for simplicity. These items can sometimes be interpreted as a romantic gesture or a wrong gesture. If you wish to purchase jewelry, try to stick to moderately priced watches that are trendy, stylish and yet simple.

Avoid roses

Avoid giving roses to the coworkers. Instead you could give them lucky bamboo stick. They last much longer than the roses and can never be interpreted as the romantic gesture. Not only this, casual flowers like bulbs that are transferred into blooms, daisies and wildflowers are decent gift to give.

You must never gift a co-worker with money. However, gift cards are acceptable by many staff members. Money must be given only when it is a taxable bonus but not as a personal gift.

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