How to Buy a Piano that Suits you Best

Buying a new piano is an exciting decision. However, before embarking on your musical journey, you need to pick the right piano which can be stressful. The market offers a broad range of pianos and picking the right one for you can be challenging. The first decision you will make is to choose between an acoustic and digital piano. Also, be aware of what to look for in a piano.

Factors to Consider when Buying a Piano

Before you purchase a piano, keep the following factors in mind:

  • Sound. Before making your final decision, play the piano to determine whether you like the sound or not. People differ in their preferences in terms of the tone. While others prefer a brighter one, others choose a mellower one. Pay attention to the consistency of the keys and the quality of the sound.

  • Keys. Make sure the keys don’t have any damages and cracks. When playing the piano, ensure the keys have enough resistance which means you don’t need a little strength. Also, when striking the keys, make sure there is no sufficient cushioning to minimize the shock transmitted to your finger joints.
  • Where you will place the piano. You need to have the exact dimensions of the piano and the place you want to put it in. If you don’t have a big space, consider getting a conventional upright piano or a spinet piano. Also, you must pick a suitable location for the piano. Keep in mind that acoustic piano is vulnerable to humidity and temperature changes. Thus, you must not place it near a spot with direct sunlight or a radiator.
  • Warranty. A warranty is especially crucial if you are getting an acoustic piano. The majority of brands provide a warranty of least five years. Check out what you can get when you choose a steinway grand piano for sale.

Decide Between New or Used Piano

The main factor that will influence your decision is the price. A good-sounding acoustic piano can be expensive so you may want to get a used one if you have a limited budget. But, used pianos do not come with factory warranties so keep this in mind. Also, they may need regular tuning services. But, a second-hand piano is a great option if it’s in good working condition.

When picking a piano, you must weigh the pros and cons to pick the one that suits you best. After making the purchase, take good care of your investment and make good use of it.

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