How to Make Your Wedding Ring Extra Special


If you want to go the extra mile in showing just how committed you are to your partner, finding an extra special wedding ring for your union is a surefire way to seal the deal. But how exactly can you make a wedding ring special? Some people love the simplicity and tradition of a golden band whereas others find the beauty of stepping out into more unique styles. Here’s what we recommend looking for in that special ring that will last a lifetime.


Wedding Ring Sets


Maybe you have the perfect engagement ring in mind; but you’re worried that the wedding ring will be bleak in comparison. Fear not for you are not the first person to have this in mind. Designers like Tacori Wedding Rings have created sets where the engagement ring and wedding ring are crafted from the ground up to be worn together. This opens up a cosmic range of beautiful designs that complement one another like the moon and the stars. It also tells your partner that you’re in for the long haul, as the engagement ring itself may be beautiful, but when paired (as they will be to you) they create something even more.


Complimentary Rings


Traditionally the wedding bands would be identical, aside from differences in fitting size. Now, designers have created beautifully complimenting rings that allow for more freedom of expression for both grooms and brides. Rings that fit together like a lock and key while still embodying the wearer, such as a “king and queen” crown set or dainty and stoic are possible within the released constraints allowing for far more variation and in turn unique and personal rings.


Classic Styles


While more and more trends and designs are becoming an option; classic designs are timeless. These designs will still be capturing the hearts of many betrothed for years to come, even as modern twists on the traditional design emerge. With white gold and yellow gold offering a staggeringly simple yet iconic beauty, it’s easy to see why the reigning king of the rings is a classic design.


Engraved Rings


While you don’t have to create the one ring to rule them all to impress your partner (except for you die-hard fans out there), you can still personalize your rings with engravings which express your love. Be it simply a small quote such as “I love you”, “Never to part” or something more unique like a nickname, a date or something only the two of you would understand, it’s an easy way to turn a good ring into a great one.




Give yourself ample time to shop for your wedding rings. Comfort is key in the long run and knowing that your partner took every effort to make sure your ring is as comfortable as possible is quite comforting in itself. Understand your partner’s lifestyle and how the ring might affect them in those scenarios.


Celebrate love’s journey with custom-designed wedding rings, crafted with precision and passion, symbolizing unity and devotion in every shimmering detail.

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