How To Shop Affordable Wholesale Clothing

When you think of shopping wholesale, images of long lines and crowded aisles come to mind. However, this is one place where having access to alternative channels can give you an edge over your competitors. Because with the right strategy, you can buy in bulk and save big. The safest way to buy from a wholesaler is through a reputable outlet.

If you’re shopping for couture clothing or private labels, check out luxury brands only if they offer their private label clothing as opposed to purchasing from a wholesale supplier that resells their products.

How To Spot A Wholesaler

There are many ways to spot a wholesaler. The first is through supplier check-ups. Most wholesale clothing suppliers have in-house chemists who are ready to analyze the ingredients used in your order and make suggestions on how the product could be improved. You’ll also want to make sure to ask your suppliers about the quality of their control mechanisms, like the way the stitching is done.

This is the best way to know for sure if a supplier is trustworthy or not. Another way to tell if a wholesaler is trustworthy is by checking their past transactions. Unfortunately, many wholesalers fall under the “unfortunate” category. Check the “other” section.

Buying Wholesale Can Save You Money

No one ever said buying in bulk would cost more. Depending on the product, buying in bulk can save you money. This is mostly because you get to purchase in bulk and the manufacturer gets to purchase in bulk, too. For example, let’s say you wanted to purchase 2 dozen pairs of jeans.

If you bought them in bulk, the jeans would cost you $100 for 20 pairs. However, if the manufacturer charged you $20 per pair for their goods, you’d only spend $80 on jeans. This is a cheap way to shop.

Tips For Buying Wholesale

When shopping for wholesale clothing, follow these tips to make sure you get the best deal:

Shop online – Getting quotes and ordering in-house can be time-consuming, especially if you’re a brand new retailer. You’re likely to get a better deal when ordering online.

Shop private label – Private label clothing is often more expensive than buying in bulk from a wholesaler. Look for offers that waive the price difference.

Shop around – There are many ways to shop wholesale and still get a great deal. Don’t be afraid to shop around to see what other retailers are getting for their goods.


It’s no secret that purchasing in bulk can save you money. It also means buying from companies that are known for their quality products and service. Buying wholesale is the best way to save money on clothing and other merchandise while still getting a great deal.

Buying wholesale is one of the easiest ways to save money on your favorite brand’s clothing, whether it’s a private label or from a wholesaler. And there are lots of options! You have a wide range of options when shopping for wholesale clothing including private labels, online stores, online retailers, and wholesalers.

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