Lifepo4 cells: The heartbeat of Enduro batteries

It is not always enough to have a device or product that only looks good on the outside. The components with which the product is made are also of much significance. This is true since it is from these (components) that a product derives its capability to function. It is in light of this that a beam is focused on the LiFePO4 cells that are incorporated into the Enduro battery. The availability of these cells has made it easy for the manufacturer to upgrade its product.

What is LiFePO4?

LiFePO4 is the short form of lithium iron phosphate, and it is the energy cell that powers Enduro batteries. LiFePO4 batteries are generally known to have a considerably high-performance level and they are the safest out there in the market. As a result of the efficiency of LiFePO4, these batteries have been widely employed in backup power systems and solar systems.

Advantages of using LiFePO4 in Enduro Batteries

The advantages of LiFePO4 to an Enduro battery are further buttressed under the following subheadings:


As earlier emphasized, the safe chemistry of the LiFePO4 cell is top-rated and this attribute ultimately robs off on the Enduro battery. Owing to this, Enduro batteries are notably eco-friendly.

Longer life

Enduro batteries are highly revered for their longevity, which is reflected in the way they are able to give out sustained current flow over a long period. This capability is a function of no other component than the LiFePO4 cell. The batteries can last for up to 10 years.

High power density

The high power density realizable with LiFePO4 makes it possible to compactly design Enduro batteries. This means there will be little or no concern, whatsoever, when it comes to the issue of the battery’s weight.

Extreme temperature operations

The prospect of LiFePO4 being able to remain stable under extreme temperatures imposes an all-weather, all-season operation capability on any system that Enduro batteries are installed in. Again, the batteries can be used for a wide range of applications.

High efficiency

The level of efficiency that Enduro batteries command is traceable to the versatility of LiFePO4. As such, the batteries normally have high charge and discharge efficiencies. Likewise, the capacity of these batteries is also higher for this reason.

Cancels out memory effect

LiFePO4 also enables Enduro batteries to be able to cancel memory effect wherein you do not have to discharge [the battery] to recharge. This is unlike some batteries that have to be completely discharged before charging can take effect.

Ease of maintenance

Enduro batteries have an inbuilt maintenance feature – known as Battery Management System (BMS) – that helps to ensure automatic regulation of their charging process. This is why they are often tagged with the phrases, “zero maintenance”, “maintenance-free”, and so on.


Enduro batteries are not all about LiFePO4 as there are a couple of other components that have been detailedly integrated into them. One can safely say the obtainability of this distinct lithium compound has been met with the mastery of experienced craftsmen – in Enduro.

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