Renting Medical Equipment In Memphis: Things to know!

If you have a chronic condition or are recuperating from an injury or accident, you may require special medical equipment and products at home to do necessary chores and remain independent to the best possible extent. When it comes to medical equipment, classification is often done based on durability. There are some products that you have to buy, such as CPAP masks and ankle braces, but certain things, such as oxygen tanks and wheelchairs can be rented. There are many companies that offer medical equipment and lift chairs for rent in Memphis, and in this post, we are reviewing what might be a better option and how you can select the right service.

What can be termed as durable medical equipment?

Depending on your condition, your doctor may recommend certain medical equipment to be used on a regular basis. Durable equipment is one that can withstand repeated use. Such types of products are typically used for a very limited period and within home environment. Also, the product needs to have a lifetime use of at least two to three years. It should be noted that we are talking of home use here. If you are looking for products or medical equipment for hospitals and other hospice services, you can find other services in Memphis offering leasing options. Renting is just for a specific period, not extending beyond months.

What can I rent in Memphis?

Every company is different, but the best medical equipment renting services offer almost every kind of durable item. From hospital beds and to walkers, wheelchairs and scooters, you can rent almost anything. It is possible to rent commodes, dressing aids and even bath chairs and artificial limbs. Oxygen concentrators, tanks and certain footwear can be rented, as well.

Why rent and not buy?

The obvious reason is price. Most durable medical equipment can be expensive, and when you can rent the same thing for that limited period you need, why buy in the first place? Also, renting is useful because you don’t have to bother about storing or giving away the product once you are better and can do without such support.

Finding the right company in Memphis

Before you go ahead and rent medical equipment in Memphis, do check the costs and make sure that the company is known and reliable. It is also important to check if their products are in good condition. Pricing is important, but paying a tad more for a better and well-maintained medical equipment is not a bad idea.

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