The Indominable Slime – An Amazing Gift with a Fascinating History

 Few products – some would rightly take exception to the word “product”, preferring “gift” instead! – have changed our world, the way slime has. However, there are so many questions surrounding this incredible creation; and, for those who might not be familiar with it, it’s time to explore some answers in detail:

·       Is Slime a toy?

·       Is it a game?

·       Is it an educational product?

·       Is it something that you can make at home?

·       Can you easily buy slime online?

However, before we dive deeper into what Slime is, we’ll answer all those questions quickly: In short: Yes…yes…yes…yes…and YES. It’s really that simple. Now, wouldn’t everyone want a quiz or school test that you can answer so easily – with single word responses!

A Slimy Look Back in History

Whether intentional or not, slime is the brainchild of the world’s leading toymaker Mattel Toys. Back in 1976, the company created a toy trash can containing a gross-looking substance called slime. The toy was an instant success, and others got in on the action.  Mattel followed-up with an even “grosser” version – with real-looking worms and eyeballs, and quickly became the slime company of repute.

The introduction of a slime board game in 1984, from Kenner Toys, based on the popular hit movie Ghost Busters, put slime firmly into mainstream territory. Kids (and adults!) world over loved it. The squishy, gooey, oozy substance burst onto the world stage – and has never looked back. In fact, Google dubbed “Slime” as the 2017 word of the year, because of a more than 450% spike in slime online searches.[i].

The Art and Science of Slime

Ever since it gained fame, slime has fascinated and puzzled us all. People aged 9 to 90 have a great time playing with it, exploring it, creating “stuff” with it, and learning and having fun with it. Many DIY enthusiasts search for recipes for slime online to create their own version of it.  And yes, with ingredients as basic as shampoo, cornstarch, and water, one can create a rudimentary slime concoction.  But that doesn’t compare with what’s available from slime manufacturers online.

As a creative project for kids, DIY slime-making is a great way to stimulate their appetite for science. But when it comes to colours, textures, fragrances, and presentation, you can’t beat what a professional manufacturer has to offer.  Imagine giving your kids fruity pebbles and pancakes – only, it’s just a slime replica, scented and looking like the real thing! Kids can get their hands into the product, and unleash their imagination as they reshape and restructure it.

Why make drab-looking, simple, and plain slime, when you can but a wide array of products from a slime company online. They’re available in various packages, shapes, and sizes, and you’ll even get amazing accessories – like sparkles and sprinkles! – to go with your orders. Instead of spending hours sourcing your slime-making materials, why not sped a few minutes ordering it online, and then spend hours having fun, teaching, and learning together!

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