Three Factors to Consider when Buying Tractors

If you are in the market for tractors, you might be wondering whether to buy a used or new tractor. But, your decision is greatly influenced by your budget. How much can you spend on the latest tracteur forestier in the market? Have you thought about leasing that could have you using a machine at a more affordable rate? Before buying either a new or used tractor, you will want to keep the following considerations in mind:

Tractor Size

Consider the biggest implement you currently have and the one that you plan to have in the future. You want to choose a tractor that can support this. An undersized tractor is dangerous to the operator and can be damaged when worked too hard. Meanwhile, oversized tractors will make use of more fuel, might be less controllable, and can cause more compaction problems. In fact, their parts can be more expensive than the parts of their smaller counterparts.

Ownership Costs

Take into account fixed costs like insurance, depreciation, and housing. Variable costs to be considered include labor, lubrication, fuel, and repairs. Also, pay attention to any implements you will have to buy for the tractor so it can take on various forest and farm tasks. While determining the actual cost of ownership is difficult, you can find tools online to help in estimating machinery costs over time.

Used or New

Keep in mind that older tractors may require more work. You must pick a brand or model with parts you can easily find. When you buy a used tractor, find something under 5, 000 hours. Also, older tractors tend to have fewer electronics that could indicate fewer repairs; however, reduced convenience.

Often, new tractors are available with a warranty. But, ensure you are getting a machine from a trusted dealer. Newer equipment may be equipped with plenty of electronic components which make life easier. However, in case problems arise, proprietary issues are likely to make it more difficult for you to work on your machine.

Whether you decide to buy a new or used tractor, you want to spend time doing your homework so you can make an informed decision. Ask industry people for advice, especially if you are new to the sector. Get ideas from them on what has worked and what did not work for them. It is important to shop around and compare when you feel a tractor’s price is too high.

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