Three Tips when Shopping for a New Fridge

Every home needs a refrigerator. It’s where you store and preserve certain food items until it’s time to use them. But, there are many types, styles, and designs of refrigerators out there and choosing the right one depends on your specific needs and preference.  Here are tips to help you make the right choice:

Take Measurements

When shopping for a réfrigérateur, use a tape measure to check the height, depth, width, and door-swing clearance. Also, check the door swing’s direction and ensure the fridge opens in the direction that works best for your space. Measure the path to and from the kitchen to ensure the refrigerator can make it through the doorway.

Consider How you can Get the Most Out of the Fridge

A refrigerator’s lifetime cost includes the price you pay upfront and the cost of energy it consumes. You can compare the costs of various models through the EnergyGuide label. Don’t just depend on the Energy Star certification as Energy Star standards tend to vary depending on the fridge’s size and type. Therefore, a big side-by-side fridge with an Energy Start rating might use more energy than a smaller top-freezer fridge without this rating. The EnergyGuide label estimates energy consumption in kilowatt-hours per year and dollars per year.

Know when to Shop

Shopping for a fridge at the perfect time can let you take advantage of great deals. Here are shopping strategies you can employ:

  • Shopping for sales. You might be buying a fridge on an emergency basis because your old one suddenly died. But, if you are not in a hurry, decide on the perfect timing to make your purchase. Usually, refrigerators are deeply discounted around holidays.

  • Taking advantage of customer loyalty programs. These programs let you get discounts and earn points toward future purchases. Joining them is usually free.
  • Using a store-branded credit card. This credit card will usually get you a discount and free shipping. But, this is only a great deal if you can afford to pay it off on time. But, if you currently don’t have cash, a store-branded card can net you no interest deals for a certain period of time.
  • Saying no to an extended warranty. Appliance suppliers will usually offer or urge customers to buy an extended warranty for a new appliance. But, the majority of experts say that this offer is often not worth the money.

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