What are the Dental health benefits for dogs made from natural treats made from animals?

Natural treats made from animal products offer many dental health benefits for dogs.

While we read that certain kibbles are made for dental purposes, this is the next best thing to the biggest falsehood you will find in the industry. Wet canned dog food easily sticks to a dog’s teeth and causes cavities.  Kibble is made from ground grains usually.

The little grains that are glued together in kibble break off like biscuit crumbs and readily stick to a dog’s teeth.  The high sugar contact (ie kibble is usually mostly carbs) ensures that these cause cavities.

That is where NATURAL DOG TREATS have a massive advantage of regular vegetable-based treats.  They have close to ZERO carbs, just as nature intended for a carnivore species.

It is true, that when people think of natural single ingredient animal based dog treats for having dental hygiene they mostly think of bones, cartilage, and tendons, but even single piece jerkies perform a similar function.  We will now look at how natural dog treats, made from animal products do this.

1  The promotion of cleaning dog teeth, naturally.

Bones, tendons, jerkies or any single ingredient, whole piece animal-based treat, with low or no carbs are readily enjoyed by dogs chewing, ripping and tearing them apart.

This is so natural, that the dog’s retain much of their jaw, teeth and digestion processes of their recent ancestors the wolf. Wolves didn’t have dog vet dentists to fix fillings, so you can imagine that they evolved to eat the kinds of things that were best for their body (and teeth),  not because the packages looked great to their owners.

This natural process of dogs chewing helps remove plaque and tarter on their teeth.  Besides cleaning the teeth, chewing can also remove bacteria from the surface.  This is particularly true of oven dried natural dog treats made from animal products, because bacteria that can cause teeth destruction are destroyed 100% when it leaves the ovens.

While many owners are warned off dog bones by their vets, some dogs can safely chew on these.  They might just chew the ends to get the meat off, or feel happier, just keeping the bone nearby. But more than this, things like kangaroo ribs, or lumbar bones, even chicken feet (and their smaller bone) can be an ideal treat for helping clean teeth, while providing a great protein top up.

2  Saliva stimulation in the dog’s mouth.

The process of chewing naturally stimulates a dogs saliva glands to release saliva into the mouth to assist in the chewing and digestion process.

Did you know that saliva contains enzymes that break down food particles and bacteria in the dog’s mouth, which reduces the chance of plaque formation. So not only do the dog treats not provide sugars for bacteria’s to feast on, they provide a very low bacteria count,  and the saliva finishes the job of neutralising mouth bacteria stopping plaque formation in its tracks.

The saliva then has plenty of fire power to neutralise acids in the mouth (that are caused by the by product of bacteria digesting food in the mouth.

3   What about the dog gums?

Glad you asked.  Gums are vital to keeping your teeth into old age.  Gum disease is in fact one of the major reasons for tooth lose in dogs and humans alike.  Once a gum goes soft or gets infected it cant keep the teeth in a rigid position, and any chewing can then loosen the teeth.

Chewing natural dog treats, that don’t easily break apart, and also provide the best protein your dog will ever get, means the gums get a work out and keep healthy too.  Blood circulation is also increased to the gums keeping them healthy.

But it’s not all about old age for dogs, chewing on natural dog treats can also help reduce the discomfort associated with teething in puppies. So you are less likely to be kept awake at night as they teeth.


This article only looked at the simple benefits that natural dog treats, that are animal based, provide for your dog’s teeth and gums.

If you have ever had an old dog lose teeth, and you need to put them on a special diet, and take away their enjoyment of chewing, then you will know how important keeping those teeth are for your dog.

Natural dog treats go a long way to improving your dog’s dental hygiene!

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