Engraved Commercial Signs, Labels, Trophies, and More

Industrial signs, labels, plaques, trophies, and pins are important aspects of a successful business. A broad industrial sign engraved into stainless steel can help manufacturers and consumers identify vital information such as serial numbers, where the item was produced, and who produced the item. You may have noticed stainless steel manufacturer labels on the machines you order, but what happens if your business makes machinery? How do you find the perfect trophy or plaque for your employee? Do employees need commercial badges or engravings on a pin to gain entrance to your business? The best engraving companies will offer all of these services and more.

  1. Industrial Signs

Customised industrial signs are perfect to warn employees about the dangers of the machinery or work area. Stainless steel signs, unlike paper, plastic, or another flammable material, are not likely to degrade or cause a work hazard. For example, in a designated dangerous area due to chemicals or fire hazards, paper would not be the ideal sign. Paper is like a kindle. It can easily ignite and degrade with small exposure.

  1. Labels

Engraved stainless steel signs also make great labels. You can add the label to a permanent location, knowing your employees cannot miss the warning or check list. For example, if the area requires a daily safety check, you can create a customised sign with the checklist duties or areas for employees to write washable initials, verifying they have checked the work area.

  1. Badges and Pins

In the healthcare industry, personalising healthcare badges & engraving pins can help label employees by their stature in the company or by their credentials. Metal and engraved name badges with the company logo and their credentials can help patients identify employees. It also helps patients clarify each employee’s role. They may encounter doctors, nurses, and administrative assistants in one visit. It can get very confusing if all the employees are wearing scrubs. Engraved pins can also indicate an employee’s years of experience, special certifications, or awards. In a sterile healthcare setting, identifying information will personalise the experience for patients, making them more comfortable during each visit.

  1. Plaques and Trophies

Plaques and trophies give recognition to the employee who has earned it. When a patient or customer walks into an employee’s office, they will feel they are in good hands when they see the awards, certifications, or certificates. When you have a company engrave these noted awards, it creates permanence, unlike a flimsy printed certificate. Trophies can be set on display shelves, whereas plaques are easily hung from the wall.

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