Garden Maintenance for the Beginner

If you are new to property ownership, your garden is an integral part of your living space, especially in the summer. Things grow and even a carefully manicured garden loses its appeal after only a couple of weeks, while months of neglect and you have the beginnings of a jungle. 

Lawn care 

The lawn is a central feature in a typical family home; you can order fertiliser and nutrients from Green Lawn Supplies, a leading Australian lawn care specialist. Regular cutting ensures a look of uniformity; if you want nice straight lines, buy a decent cylinder mower that collects the cuttings in a front bin. Of course, a lot depends on the type of soil, if there is clay, aerate the lawn using a fork and any puddles are a sign of bad drainage. You can order natural products that turn the grass a deep lush green and feeding the grass gives it added strength. 

Tree care 

Trees require regular pruning to retain shape and remove deadwood; mature trees may need emergency intervention if there is storm damage; keep an eye on telecommunication cables that trees can compromise. If you have a few tree stumps on your property, a local landscaper would have a stump grinder, which can reduce it to woodchips in a matter of minutes! Reclaim that space by having those stumps removed and make the best use of your exterior relaxation area. 

Natural screening 

If timber fences are not your thing, you can plant a row of conifers to create a natural barrier that is visually appealing; other options include hedgerow, which can be shaped for a nice straight hedge that flowers annually. Talk to a local landscape contractor about tree species and he will recommend (and supply) suitable trees. 


Most homeowners have a long hose that connects to a lawn sprinkler, which covers the entire lawn, while walking around allows you to water all trees, shrubs and flowers. This is a time to notice any anomalies, dead plants need to be removed and if a shrub isn’t doing well, perhaps it needs to be in the shade. Google can answer any plant questions you might have, while the online supplier offers free delivery on all horticultural products. 

Essential tools 

If you are planning to do the gardening, you’ll need a spade, fork, shovel, rake, yard broom, pruning shears and a lawn mower. Order a steel shed online to store all garden equipment and add to your collection as and when needed. If you have a large lawn, buy a ride-on mower and save yourself a lot of hard graft, while regular servicing ensures it is always ready for work. 

Garden maintenance 

Wherever you are in Australia, you are never far from a garden maintenance outfit; a team of guys with a small flatbed truck and they will call every week/fortnight and do all the necessary tasks to bring back that smart appearance. Hassle-free garden maintenance allows you to spend your downtime on the golf course and not working in your back yard. 

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