Keeping Your Dog Warm In Winters – A Guide For Pet Parents!

Just like extreme heat is bad for your dog, you need to be careful about the winters, as well. If you happen to live in a region that’s prone to cold winters and harsh weather, you have to take the extra steps to ensure that your beloved fur buddy is warm. In this post, we are sharing a few tips on how you can keep your dog warm during winters.

  • Get the right apparel. First and foremost, get a dog fleece sweater at the least. Keeping your dog warm at all times is necessary, more so for selected breeds. For instance, a malamute or husky might be well-prepped for basic winter, but you definitely need a warm coat for a pug. Apart from fleece coats, make sure that your dog has at least one raincoat and snowsuit. You can also invest in a parka coat, which is great for all weathers.

  • Check the doghouse. Whether to keep your dog in a doghouse during the winters is something you need to consider keeping a bunch of factors in mind. Age, health condition, breed, and generic traits are some of the basic aspects to consider before deciding on the doghouse. If you think that the dog can manage well in a kennel outside, make sure that it is insulated and has a bed.
  • Get a new dog bed. For winters, you definitely need to get a thicker and more insulated dog bed. Make sure that you check for beds that have an extra layer of fleece for that warmth. You can also buy fleece blankets separately to make the bed cozier and warmer. Dog beds need to be of the large size, so that the paws don’t stick out when the dog is sleeping or changing position.
  • Do the basic things insider. Don’t try to give a shower to the dog in freezing cold weather. Also, don’t bathe the dog too often during winters. Dry shampoos are readily available these days, or you can go for a plain old coat cleanser. Talk to your vet to know the signs of hypothermia and frostbite, and if you are taking your dog in the snow, ensure that the boots are on.

Finally, make sure that you give a cuddle or two once in a while. Dogs love to snuggle up to their owners in winters, and for everything else, you can check online stores for pet products.

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