Some of the benefits of smoking through a glass bong

There are many ways to smoke weeds- joints, hand pipes, bongs, and the list goes on… Each method has its own merits and demerits. Today we will be looking at how smoking with a glass bong is beneficial!

5 benefits of glass bongs over other bongs-

Can be used regularly-

Although glass bongs are a little expensive however good news is that you can use glass bongs for a long time. Smoking with joints or blunt, means you have to change it from time to time. But Smoking with a glass bong means you can save money and not have to go store again and again.

Filtering smoke through the water-

Another amazing benefit of gas mask bong is that it filters smoke efficiently through water! Water in glass bongs do two things- cool down smoke and prevent irritation of the throat caused by smoke heat. Also, water will filter down ash and chemical that normally gets into your mouth while smoking.

Stronger hits offered-

Smoking through a glass bong doubtlessly offers you great hits than any other way! For beginners, glass bongs seem overwhelming however there is nothing wrong with using bongs for a smaller hit. This will make you comfortable and you will be able to explore the taste of the weed.

Clean without headache-

Several materials are used to make bongs. There are plastic bongs, wood Bongs, and many more. However, borosilicate glass bongs are best. They are non-porous and so you don’t have to think about harmful residue ruining your bong. They are easily cleanable and can be cleaned in the same manner as you wash dishes or else use alcohol.

Decorative items-

Glass bongs are usually handmade. They are best as decorative and can be kept anywhere. The shapes and working of bongs are diverse as the creator who make them are unique. Bongs are also an elegant piece that you can resale later at good rates.

So these are some of the benefits of smoking through a glass bong. You can easily find these in the market at reasonable rates. When you buy a bond from an online store make sure to check few things-

Reputation- always go for that online store that is reputed and has a variety of items in one place. Also, check the reviews of the store before buying a product this will let you know the quality of the product offered by a particular store.

Quality- always buy a high-quality glass bong, these may cost a little more but will be with you for long. Buying cheap bongs are of no use as they can break and you have to buy them again and again which will cost you too much.

Style- you can find glass bongs in different styles- straight tube, bubble, round, percolator, and multi-chamber bong. You should always choose bongs as per styles which fit your need. If you love smoother hits go for a multi-chamber bong and for straight smoking use a straight tube bong.

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