Things You May Need When Going Camping

If you’ve been camping before then, you’ll hopefully know what you need to take with you on your next trip maybe you did your research beforehand or, learnt from what you forgot to take with you. Either way, for anyone going on a camping trip soon, here are some of the things you should probably take with you;

Tent, footprint and stakes

You may need a tent unless they are provided where you are going or, you own one of the many camper trailers, tent tops, or a tarp, you should also take a footprint which is placed under your tent to provide an added layer of protection. Making sure that you have enough stakes with you to hold your footprint and tent in place is vital, you’d be better off forgetting your tent and footprint than the other way around.

Sleeping bags

If you already own sleeping bags that’s great, they should however, be checked over if you haven’t been camping in a while. Also check that they are suitable for the season. If you don’t have sleeping bags, then the world is your oyster, all you need to do is to set a budget, what type you want and then hit the shops.

Camping pillows

People remember pillows the hard way usually, when they go to put their head down and finding that they need to use their backpack as a pillow which is normally pretty uncomfortable.

Lights or a torch

You’ll definitely want some form of light, if for nothing else, for when you venture out of your tent in the night to go to the loo. If you can’t see where you are going then it can be quite dangerous. Make sure also, to take spare batteries or a power bank if needed.

Camping chairs and table

You will need something to sit on unless you are happy to sit on the floor, which, will, at some point become a pain in the backside…. And, if you have chairs, then you should probably get a table too, all of which can be foldable so you can fit them into your bag or wagon easily enough.

A phone and a power bank

You may be tempted to use this opportunity to leave the phone at home and focus on nature, however, it’s important that you have a method of getting hold of someone if you get into trouble, make sure you have a power bank for the phone too, a phone with no juice is probably more pointless than leaving it at home.

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