Important Bedding Terms and Definitions to Know to Make the right Buying Decision

There are plenty of kinds of pillows bed coverings, and sheets out there. They come in various sizes, prints, and colors. Learning all the different terms can be confusing; however, your knowledge of the definitions can help you shop for the items your bed needs. Whether you are shopping for pillows, bed coverings, or linens, you will want to create the perfect bed. To help you make the right choices and decisions, read on:

Kinds of Bed Linens

Below are the most common kinds of bed linens you can find in the market:

  • Flat or top sheets. These sheets separate you from your blanket, comforter, or quilt. In many countries, the duvet cover takes the place of the top sheet.
  • Fitted or bottom sheet. These sheets have an elastic edge which fits over the mattress. These days, mattresses have grown thicker and you can find great choices at luxtex. That is why you must check the measurements before you purchase a fitted sheet. This will ensure the sheet will stretch all the way over the mattress.

  • Bedspread. This thin, decorative covering covers the entire bed and touches the floor. It is usually made of chenille, cotton, polyester, or wool.
  • Coverlet. This decorative fabric covering doesn’t touch the floor and does not cover the pillows. It is a bed accessory that can sit on top of bedspreads.
  • Blankets. You need these linens to keep yourself warm. Although a number of people use blankets on their own, others want to top the blanket with a more sophisticated quilt, duvet, or comforter.
  • Comforter. This bed cover is stuffed with fibers or down with warmth. They are available in a wide range of colors, patterns, and styles. They are usually made of cotton or polyester.
  • Duvet. This similar to a comforter but it requires using a duvet cover. Usually, it is solid white and stuffed with down.

Kinds of Pillows

Here are options you can choose from in terms of pillows:

  • Continental pillows. These pillows are big square ones. They are decorative pillows which sit back against the headboard. You can remove their cover for washing.

  • Sleeping pillows. These rectangular pillows are where you lay your head on when you sleep. They come in standard, queen, and king sizes to fit your sleeping habit and bed.
  • Throw pillows. These pillows are also called accent pillows. They are small and come in many sizes, shapes, and colors.

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